The finishing touches – complementing interior works with specialist external Landscape Finishes

Landscape Finishes & External Works specialists working with Main Contractors on developments in London.

What are Landscape Finishes?

Some Main Contractors refer to the external landscape works as Landscape Finishes. It is a broad term that overlaps with Hard Landscaping, but focuses more on features that complete an outside space as ready to use rather than the initial hardscape. This can include street furniture, bespoke planters and storage, as well as extending to surfacing and aspects of Soft Landscaping.

Landscape Finishing contractor for London’s new developments

Our multi-discipline approach enables us to carry out entire Landscape Finishing packages, either working to existing drawings or through our Design & Build capabilities. We also undertake landscape finishing within other external works contracts depending on how the packages are split.

We have formed excellent relationships with many of the landscape industry’s leading suppliers, giving us a deep knowledge of the marketplace and access to best prices.

More on How we Work

Our Landscape Finishing services

  • Design, Specify & Build
  • Seating & Street Furniture
  • Planters, including bespoke configuration.
  • Storage units
  • Shelters
  • Surfaces, including paving, tarmac, resin & composite.
  • Soft Landscaping

Bringing you the complete landscape package

Valley Landscape Construction’s wide range of landscape services means we can work together beyond Landscape Finishing – our expertise enable us to deliver all exterior aspects of your development, saving you the cost and hassle of using multiple sub-contractors.

In short, we come in where your main groundworks leave off and take the remaining exterior works through to completion.

Our complete package service