Commercial Soft Landscaping Contractors – adding nature’s finishing touch to London’s new developments

Strategic tree and planting schemes add an essential softening touch to new developments in London, transforming hardscapes into desirable and attractive spaces.

Valley Landscape Construction has a wealth of experience in all aspects of Soft Landscaping, from small-scale shrub planting to large, complex planting schemes including semi-mature trees. The Soft Landscaping is often the first impression the public or potential clients recieve as they approach a new development, so it’s essential it conveys the right message.

Whether you want your Soft Landscaping scheme to be subtle or make a statement, it is essential you have a team with the capability, knowledge and expertise to deliver it. That is where Valley Landscape Construction comes in.

Our Soft Landscaping services include:

  • Design
  • Ground preparation
  • Tree, shrub and soil specifying
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Turfing, including machine lay, and seeding.
  • Large and small capacity irrigation systems
  • Decorative surface dressing
  • Grounds maintenance (link)

Tree Planting

Trees play an important role in urban areas, both aesthetically and to quality of life. Rightly so, they are a key part of almost all new development schemes, and it is essential they are planted correctly so they can thrive and co-exist in harmony with the landscaped space. Incorrectly planted trees can suffer stunted growth, poor health and vulnerability to disease, and their roots can cause damage to surrounding pavements and hard standings.

Valley Landscape Construction are highly experienced in all aspects of urban tree planting, utilising the latest systems and products available to ensure every tree is given the best opportunity to thrive. We have extensive experience installing root systems that enhance the trees’ health and also guarantee minimal and easy maintenance.

Our tree planting capabilities include:

  • Tree specifying and sourcing
  • Soil specifying and sourcing
  • Tree grilles and guards
  • Load bearing soil cell systems
  • Root venting systems
  • Root barrier systems
  • Root irrigation and aeration systems
  • Underground guying systems

Sourcing your trees and shrubs

We have established an excellent supply chain of trade growers around the UK and Europe, from which we buy on a weekly basis. Each brand of Valley Provincial Group has strong horticultural connections, giving us an additional level of detail, knowledge and expertise to draw into your Soft Landscaping scheme.

We have our own nursery on the outskirts of London with internal and external storage areas, including temperature controlled storage and overhead watering systems. Here our shrubs and trees are professionally cared for before transporting to site.

Bringing you the complete landscape package

Valley Landscape Construction’s wide range of landscape services mean we can work together beyond Soft Landscaping packages – our expertise enable us to deliver all exterior aspects of your development, saving you the cost and hassle of using multiple sub-contractors.

In short, we come in where your main groundworks leave off and take the remaining exterior works through to completion.

Our complete package service