Part of the wider landscape

Valley Landscape Construction is a brand of Valley Provincial Group.

Valley Provincial Group is a third-generation family company established in 1976, specialising in enhancing indoor and outdoor environments in London. It is made up of four main brands, each specialising in a different aspect of landscaping. The multi-million pound organisation has seen considerable success due to its ability to offer so many specialist landscape services under one brand.

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The benefits this brings you

Our positioning as a member of Valley Provincial Group brings considerable benefits to all our group clients, and especially to those of Valley Landscape Construction.

We are able to being you the specialist knowledge and practices of the group’s brands in one package, therefore enabling us to undertake a wide range of specialist works. This avoids you having to use multiple subcontractors for each specialism, making project management significantly simpler for main contractors. If you like, we’re four in one!

How we help Main Contractors

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